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Treatment Process & Therapy Options

Good Hope addiction treatment services takes an individualised approach to addiction treatment. We provide therapy that focuses on hope and connection, and that is tailored to suit your needs. Our goal is to match the person to a programme, not simply treat a disorder.

Good Hope GGZ Addiction Treatment Options in Netherlands and South Africa

Treatment Inquiry

The treatment process begins with your initial inquiry, which may be by email or telephonically. A member of our team will contact you soon thereafter and assess your needs for treatment. An initial intake assessment interview will be arranged at our office at a time suitable for you.

Intake Assessment Interview

You will meet with a member of our clinical team who will conduct a more comprehensive interview. We will want to know more about your addiction and the problems it is causing in your life, some more information about your personal situation, whether you are on any prescribed medication, and previous treatment history. We are obviously also interested in your motivation for treatment.

Together with you, we will make a decision about the most appropriate level of care for you.

There are three options:

Good Hope GGZ Addiction Treatment Options in Netherlands and South Africa


If clinical treatment is advised, arrangements will then be made to facilitate this. Good Hope Health Care will contact your health insurance to ensure funding is available for treatment and manage the necessary paperwork.

Ambulant Outpatient Treatment

This is a less intensive form of treatment and allows you to live at home, continue with normal life activities like work, but it requires that you are able to stay clean and sober while on the programme. If not, we will upgrade you to clinical care.

"Prehab" Individual Counseling

This is targeted at clients who are unsure about the severity of their addiction and whether they need treatment. It is an individual counseling service and will help you make a decision about the best route forward.

Good Hope GGZ Addiction Treatment Options in Netherlands and South Africa


Clients who are severely drug or alcohol dependent may require a detox prior to admission. This is a specialized service that we outsource to a suitable medical facility. Most of our partner clinics are also registered for detoxes so this is also an option.

Specially trained doctors and nurses will supervise this detoxification process and ensure that all precautions are taken for a safe, successful detox.

After Care Programme

After completion of clinical treatment, we strongly recommend that you join our weekly aftercare programme in order to strengthen your recovery and assist you with potential relapse situations.

In our aftercare programme, we will teach you how to handle triggers and recognise relapse risks, as well as offer advice on how to return to life after rehab. There are also support group meetings to offer guidance and grounding during your recovery period.

Good Hope GGZ Addiction Treatment Options in Netherlands and South Africa
Good Hope GGZ Addiction Treatment Options in Netherlands and South Africa

Family Support Service

Family members are sometimes part of the problem. We provide a family support program to family members and significant others to assist them in dealing with your addiction in a more positive way.

The family programme helps you and your loved ones to examine past and current experiences with addiction and how they can become part of the solution, offers in-depth education on dealing with addiction, and helps family members to recover from the trauma of living with an addiction.

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