Sex Addiction Recovery Treatment:
Understanding The Need


Sex Addiction Treatment

When we think of addictions, our mind often turns to substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs. When it comes to behavioural addictions, gambling or shopping are most commonly described. Sex addiction is not something we commonly think about, but it is more than just problematic sexual behaviours.  

Unfortunately, not many people know about or understand sex addiction, but it is a serious condition. While academic literature is ambivalent about it, it is a problem that we see repeatedly in our addiction treatment facility and causes untold misery in people’s lives.

Sex addiction is one of the most shame based disorders, which makes it very difficult for people to reach out and ask for help.

Those who turn to sex addiction recovery treatment are not simply more promiscuous than others or seeking attention. Understanding the symptoms and the reasons behind sex addiction are vital to maintain the recovery process.


What Is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction in South Africa  can be identified by the excessive nature of the use, the obsessions surrounding it, the impulsivity in using, the loss of control, the unmanageability, and the consequences of the behavioural patterns. The identification of the condition is confounded by decisions that are subjective as norms, backgrounds, and values.

These behaviours may become worse over time, leading to the breaking down of personal relationships. By continuing this repetitive pattern without sex addiction recovery treatment, the negative behaviours can result in excessive acting out or complete withdrawal.

To start your sex addiction recovery journey, you need to understand the behaviours associated with sex addiction:

  • Making excessive use of pornographic imagery or videos
  • Excessive masturbation patterns
  • Having numerous sexual partners with or without protection
  • Being in a committed relationship but continuing sexual affairs with other people
  • Excessive use of sex workers
  • Using more extreme versions of sex, pornography, or masturbation 
  • Using sex chat lines or webcam services excessively
  • Impulsive or compulsive sexual activities

recognise the symptoms

Sex Addiction Symptoms

Sex addiction recovery treatment at Good Hope’s partner Rustenburg Clinic involves acknowledging the above behaviour and understanding that the symptoms stem from a disorder, not a broken person. The symptoms include:

  • Chronic and obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • Compulsive and impulsive sexual relationships with multiple partners, including strangers
  • Lying to cover behaviour or hiding behaviour from loved ones
  • Preoccupation with sexual behaviours that interferes with daily life
  • Putting yourself into dangerous situations due to sexual behaviour
  • Feeling remorse or guilt after sexual behaviours
  • Crossing personal boundaries when it comes to sexual activities
  • Continuously pushing your partner’s sexual boundaries
  • Increased interest in sexual behaviours that would be seen as taboo

understanding love addiction

What Is Love Addiction?

Many people who need sex addiction recovery treatment might also need help with love addiction. Love addiction is the compulsive need to feel loved, often to the detriment of yourself and to those who love and care for you. 

Having a love addiction does not necessarily mean that you have a sex addiction, but it is common for these disorders to go hand-in-hand. The symptoms of love addiction include:

Having a love addiction does not necessarily mean that you have a sex addiction, but it is common for these disorders to go hand-in-hand. The symptoms of love addiction include:

  • The constant need to be in a relationship
  • Committing to a partner without really knowing them
  • Constantly moving from one relationship to another in search of love
  • The feeling of dissatisfaction with every relationship
  • Becoming dependent on your partner for happiness
  • Becoming obsessed with your partner
  • Staying in an abusive relationship simply to be in a relationship
  • Neglecting your own physical, mental, and emotional health

Codependency can be confused with love addiction but they are different. With codependency, the addict is dedicated to someone else’s well-being to the detriment of their own needs and expectations. Their sense of satisfaction is derived by sacrificing themselves to support another person’s happiness.

codepentie verslaving

treatment options

Sex Addiction Recovery Treatment

Sex addiction recovery is not an overnight fix. Sex addiction help in Cape Town can include the following treatments:

Inpatient Treatment Programmes

An inpatient treatment programme involves the person suffering from sex addiction being removed from their daily lives and being placed in a facility which helps them to understand and curb their impulses. They will take part in in-depth counselling and therapy sessions.

12 Step Recovery Programme

There are tailored 12 Step Programmes for those who need sex addiction help. They follow the same model as those for drugs and alcohol, and can be very helpful in stopping destructive behaviours. Members of these programmes are encouraged to refrain from compulsive and damaging sexual behaviour, rather than giving up sexual activity completely.

Therapy Or Counselling

One-on-one counselling can be a very effective form of sex addiction recovery treatment, and we offer this as part of our inpatient treatment programme at Rustenburg Clinic. Using counselling, you will be able to identify the triggers for your sexual behaviour, as well as learn how to alter these behaviours in a healthy way.

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Choose Healthy Recovery

Good Hope provides expert sex addiction help in Cape Town with real, tangible results. We are able to provide a solid support system for those suffering from what can become a debilitating disorder. 

Our counsellors have experience and compassion to help our patients with their sex addiction recovery journey. Let us help you build healthy habits.