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Good Hope GGZ Verslavingszorg Quality Care

You Can Trust Good Hope

From the moment you contact Good Hope Health Care, we do everything to ensure each step in the process goes smoothly. We provide an efficient and professional service that you can trust. We will support you and your family through the entire treatment and recovery journey.

At Good Hope, we realise that trust in the quality of our service is very important.

We understand that you may have attempted treatment before and relapsed. We aim to provide you with a quality, professional service and will support you all the way.

We will guide you through the entire journey, from addiction, through treatment, and then into a stable recovery with our aftercare programme. Our concern for your overall wellbeing is what sets us apart from other addiction treatment service providers.

Good Hope GGZ Verslavingszorg Quality Care

Up Close and Personal

Good Hope will provide a very individualised treatment service. We know that everyone’s circumstances are different. Our team of counselors have specialised areas of expertise that allows them to focus on your specific profile of problems.

Some people have unresolved childhood abuse problems, dysfunctional family origin issues, PTSD, or associated dual diagnosis problems like depression, bipolar disorders, ADHD, or borderline personality disorders.

All of these allied problems can make treatment very complicated and often lead to relapse. Our skilled multidisciplinary team will address these issues and are experienced in helping you resolve these problems. The success of treatment is often determined by the extent at which underlying problems can be resolved.

Good Hope GGZ Verslavingszorg Quality Care
Good Hope GGZ Verslavingszorg Quality Care

Everything is Confidential

We respect the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients. We know that disclosure of certain information requires risk on your part. You are reassured that all shared information will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

In addition, we respect your personal information and adhere to the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We will never share your private information without your consent. We may encourage you to disclose certain information if we feel it is critical to your recovery, but never without your agreement.

Meeting External Quality Requirements

Good Hope has met all legal requirements to operate as an addiction treatment provider. We meet the quality and legal standards set out in the Care Institutions Admission Act (WTZi).
Our WTZI registration with the Department of Health and Sport recognises us as a professional mental health facility.

This also allows us to claim reimbursement for the addiction treatment services that we provide you from your health insurance company (AGB code). The WTZI registration guarantees the maintenance of quality care in our treatment system.

The ultimate hallmark of quality care is a HKZ certification. HKZ stands for Harmonisation Quality Assessment in the Healthcare Sector. When an organisation meets the HKZ standard and the applicable HKZ quality requirements, it will receive this certification. In an attempt to ensure top quality care for our clients, our partner clinic has embarked on the process of acquiring a HKZ certificate.

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